Разворачиваем проект при помощи virtualenv и pip / Игорь Давыденко

Наверное, нет смысла подробно останавливаться на том, что такое virtualenv или pip, про эти трендовые понятия питоньего мира написана уже не одна статья. Так что сегодня, я просто поделюсь способом разворачивания проекта основуясь на этих технологиях.

Итак, на самом деле все просто. Для начала надо создать новое виртуальное окружение, а затем установить туда все зависимости. Также было бы неплохо получить Makefile со всеми необходимыми целями, которые будут облегчать работу с проектом.

Конечно, все это можно делать и руками для каждого следующего проекта. Благо запоминать там немного:

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/ Zed Shaw

I just finished putting up a first rough cut of and I’m lookingfor people to try it out. This is about a 2 day hack, with most of the work done yesterday.

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HTML5 will lower the use of CDNs for delivering JavaScript / Brett Cannon

As Firefox 3.6 was released today, people have begun to use the async attribute for the script tag from HTML5. For those of you unaware of the new attribute, it tells the browser to execute the JavaScript that a script tag points to through its src attribute in an asynchronous manner. Now from my reading of the spec that should be asynchronously, but one at a time based on the order of the script tags are found in the doc. But if you play with Firefox 3.6 it becomes apparent that Mozilla disagrees with my interpretation as Firefox will begin executing the next async JavaScript file without waiting for the previous one to finish.

And this immediate execution is where things begin to make things interesting for using a CDN for JavaScript code. I don't know about some of you, but I use the Google AJAX Libraries
to get my copy of jQuery through their URL interface. This is great for me as it means the traffic is served by someone (i.e

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Linux performance basics / Jonathan Ellis

I want to write about Cassandra performance tuning, but first I need to cover some basics: how to use vmstat, iostat, and top to understand what part of your system is the bottleneck -- not just for Cassandra but for any system.

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Yeah, Don't Move To NYC To Do Your Startup (Yet) / Zed Shaw

2010-01-19 : Yeah, Don't Move To NYC To Do Your Startup (Yet)

Let me tell you a little story my people. I had a friend of a friend get me in contactwith a guy who ran a small NYC hedge fund. This guy was very nice and very professional and hadan interesting idea he’d already implemented and which was making his fund fairly wealthy.What he wanted me to do was recreate the web site in Ruby on Rails.

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Oplop web app, now using HTML5 / Brett Cannon

Back in October I blogged about why I liked jQuery UI in my search for a JavaScript library that would let me create a wizard interface the way I wanted to do it for Oplop (which is a password hash algorithm app for creating unique account passwords; more details can be found in the How Oplop Works page). And while jQuery UI worked for the initial launch of the wizard approach I took, I quickly realized it was not going to work for me in the long term as I wanted the web app to work on both a desktop and a cell phone using a single version and that meant minimizing download size. While jQuery UI looked fine on my Android phone, it did have some extra overhead that was simply not needed by me. That's when I decided I would create my own replacement for my use of jQuery UI's accordion to get the same effect, albeit specifically tailored to my needs.

I also took this opportunity to completely go all out and only use HTML5 (which should now simply be called HTML). Having used the new version of HTML heavily for my thesis work, I have come to know and appreciate all of the new features in the spec. Add in Mark Pilgrim's wonderful

My Fret War Round 8 Submission / Zed Shaw

2010-01-18 : My Fret War Round 8 Submission

Over at Fret War we’re doing a concept album that’sfairly ridiculous. It’s a horrible rip off of several obnoxious D&D themed storiesand mixed them up while simultaneously ripping off a few well known rock operas.

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The importers project is now public / Brett Cannon

For my PyCon talk on importers, I needed a running example. After asking online what people wanted as an example I ended up creating an importer that uses sqlite3 databases ... which I then scrapped and rewrote from scratch after realizing that there was a lot of boilerplate that I could abstract out. I decided to some ABCs to make it easy to write other importers (specifically a zipfile one), much like the ones I have in importlib. This not only helped to simplify the code, but it let me easily conceptualize what is and is not consistent between importers. Knowing what is common helps me know what I need to cover at PyCon.
But there is no need to keep this code to myself, and so the importers project has been created. The project is hosted at Google Code, uploaded to PyPI, with . The code has a bunch of ABCs that let you create finders and loaders as long as you can specify a few simple operations from the perspective of a file path (e.g. a file exists, reading from a path, etc.)

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Fret War Embed This Player / Zed Shaw

2010-01-16 : Fret War Embed This Player

I’m now working on letting people pimp their Fret War submissionsso that after they play they can post their submission to their blog.

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I'd Like Thomas Ptacek To Apologize Please / Zed Shaw

2010-01-12 : I'd Like Thomas Ptacek To Apologize Please

At about 1:04 in this talk by Thomas Ptacek he says:

“Zed Shaw will kill your company before security kills your company.”