descriptionPythonic reader and writer for DBF/Xbase files
ownerYury Yurevich <>
last changeSun, 22 Feb 2009 14:17:47 +0600
2 months agoYury YurevichAdd test for reading deleted records default tip
2 months agoYury YurevichReorganize tests for ydbf reader:
2 months agoYury YurevichAdd test for old dates
2 months agoYury YurevichIt is good idea to make DbfTypeError a subclass of standard TypeError
2 months agoYury YurevichNow can read deleted records
3 months agoYury YurevichRemove trailing spaces
8 months agopythyOption -F/--fields now works
8 months agopythyFix NameError when setuptools is not installed
8 months agopythyGet version from pkg_resources
8 months agopythyAdd -i (--info) option to ydbfdump
2 months agoafab2abe1986default
14 months agod100543a325eydbf